Basic Wardrobe Essentials

Rifling through your wardrobe looking for something to wear is tedious and to be avoided at all costs. Preaching to the choir, right? Luckily, there’s one way to overcome this: by filling your closet with basic pieces

Closet classics are an absolute must-have for every season. There’s nothing worse than having too much print and not enough plain, which is where styling nightmares come from! If you think of your wardrobe as a canvas, you need to have some neutral hues to bring the brighter colours to life.

So, with more bank holidays coming up and the pressure to look good heightening, it’s time to get economical. Whether you’re heading out to a pub garden or chilling at home, there’s a basic piece you can wear anywhere with anything. We’re not joking, it’s the most useful thing to hit your wardrobe since jeans! Keep scrolling to see how you can weave basics into your everyday look…

Wear White

White Button Blouse

White Button Down Tunic

Take our white blouse as a good example of how to embrace basics. In an easy-to-wear colour, it fits the ‘nice top and jeans’ criteria perfectly. Want to wear it to the office? Sure. What about for drinks? Defo! Dress it up or down, depending on the occasion, and add a splash of colour with shoes or jewellery. The choice is yours…

Chilled Cuts

Navy Culotte Jumpsuit

Navy Stretch Culotte Jumpsuit

It’s not just colours that make your clothes casual, it’s the cut too! Upgrade your wardrobe by adding our sleeveless jumpsuit to it. With stretchy culotte legs, we like to think of it as a smart onesie. It’s got a handy tie and pockets too, for cinching your waist and adding chic detailing. Take it out the house by throwing on a pair of heeled sandals and a denim jacket.

Tie It Up

Pussy Bow Blouse

Black Pussy Bow Tie Blouse

When you have a meeting at 10 and happy hour begins at 5, there’s no other option than to choose this tie blouse. Designed in a flowing shape, it features cuffed sleeves, a tie and a couple of frills. No colour does versatile better than black, so why not pair it with something equally as nifty? White jeans!

Under The Hood

Hooded Relaxed Cardigan

Navy Hooded Open Loose Cardigan

Now, we’re no weather forecaster, but we suggest you invest in a relaxed cardigan for the year! No matter what season, it’s very likely to rain or turn a tad chilly. Make sure you’re prepared with our cardigan. It’s got an open front to reveal your outfit beneath and a hood because, why not? Enhance your basic look with a bright top, joggers and white trainers.

For more casual looks, check out our wardrobe essentials collection and shop our jumpsuits!