Instagram’s Most Wanted Brunch Spots

The most important meal of the week, brunches are a right of passage for every girl gang. Whether you’re a big foodie or just after the Insta snap, there’s nothing like the prospect of a girly brunch to get you through the week. Plus, it’s a combination of all the things we love. Name another meal can you combine poached eggs with cocktails. We’ll wait…

Naturally, like all other eating events, there’s a dress code to obey. So, what do you wear? Florals, of course! Since we’ve entered spring, it’s only fair to let nature take over your whole wardrobe.

To save you some essential planning time, we’ve come up with three tried and tested brunch spots, and chosen our favourite option from the menu. Although they tick all the right boxes, we can’t guarantee you won’t suffer from a food baby afterwards (yes, the food is that good).

Let’s get started…

Farm Girl, Chelsea

Located in-between the Kings Road and Fulham, this boujee brunch spot is always thriving with customers hoping to get their hands on the sought-after super-food cocktails. Unlike other London pit stops, it has a reasonably traditional menu – eggs, berry pancakes and oats. But, if we’re being honest, the food isn’t the best part. With a sun-filled terrace and a star-tiled bathroom, it’s the perfect place for getting a pic.

Food: ‘Polly Bowl’ – fried egg, kale, spinach and truffle polenta (we had to look up what this was, too).

Drink: The ‘Royal Mail’ – plantation pineapple, lime juice and velvet falernum.

Duck and Waffle, City

Famed as London’s highest restaurant, the Duck and Waffle stands at 175 metres (scroll past if you have a fear of heights). Just like the location, the bar also has high prices, so dress smart. But it’ll all be worth it when you see the vast views of the London skyline. The menu is pretty whacky as well, featuring duck pancakes or duck benedict – are you sensing a theme here? Plus, it’s open 24 hours, so you can continue your brunch into the early hours.

Food: ‘Winter Elvis’ – waffle, pumpkin ice cream, chestnuts and a clementine.

Drink: ‘White Chocolate Milk Punch’ – vodka, white chocolate, split cream and vermouth.

Palm Vaults, Hackney.

If you’re into 70s interiors and dreamy desserts, then head down to this Hackney haven, but be prepared for a long wait. The whole place is very Instagrammable, even down to the pink napkins and hanging plants, so don’t forget your phone. And, when it comes to food, the menu is super healthy and appropriate for veggies and vegans. It’s a thumbs up from us!

Food: Vegan Banana Bread

Drink: ‘Velvet Rose’ – freshly juiced beetroot, agave and steamed oat milk.

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