3 First Date Dresses And Ideas

We all know the feeling of pre-first date jitters. How do you style your hair and make-up? Do you need to squeeze in a manicure? And, most importantly, what do you wear? Well, here at Mela HQ, we’re putting your mind at ease and making all your insecurities disappear.

Not only have we narrowed down the three dresses you’ll need to get that all-important second date, we’ve also given you some exclusive date inspirations, too. We’re hoping your soon-to-be-partner has thoroughly planned out the day, but if not (or you just don’t like their proposal) then feel free to use our date ideas – consider us your fairy-DATE-mother.


There’s a reason why dinner and drinks are a date night classic – it’s a relaxed and casual event. So, choose a social bar to get to know each other, where the awkward silences can be filled with music.

If you’re a local to London, then we suggest you visit the The Cocktail Trading Company. Based in Shoreditch, this quintessential English bar has classy vibes and is v. Instagram worthy. They offer a masterclass in cocktail making, not to mention their glasses are super swish.

Or, in Liverpool, the Alma De Cuba bar is a picture-worthy alternative. Located in an abandoned church, this Latin themed bar suffers from a strong case of creepy chic. Be sure to try a violet martini and obey ALL their commandants – they’re printed on the menu.

So, what do you wear to such an occasion? A floral dress, ofc! Stylish and sophisticated, our wrap dress isn’t just figure-flattering; it’s a great convo starter as well.

Floral Wrap Dress

Black Floral Wrap Dress

Rooftop Cinemas

For another option, combine your love of films and well…sitting. Get you and your date tickets to a rooftop screening of the latest films and, don’t forget to bring a blanket.

For the London-based movie lovers, the Rooftop Film Club has three outdoor cinema locations. Wireless headphones are provided (so you don’t hear the crunchin’ popcorn), and dates are released soon. Remember to snap a pic for the gram!

Don’t worry out-of-Londoners, there’s plenty of cinema clubs across the country. For example, the Brighton Big Screen event or Outdoor Cinema & Theatre in Nottingham.

With the date sorted, it’s time for the outfit. We suggest a floral skater dress. Designed with bold colours and a current print, you’ll be sure to make an lasting impression.

Floral Skater Dress

Navy Floral Wrap/Skater Dress

Games and Entertainment

Or, you could do something a little different for your first date that shows off your sense of humour. It can often be difficult to unleash your fun side – especially with someone you don’t know well – but a games room or arcade can definitely help.

Head to Namco Funscape in Waterloo for a wild night of skateboarding, techno bowling, bumper cars and more. If you work up an appetite after all the activities and it’s not a school night, take a romantic stroll along Southbank and choose from the many restaurants and bars.

With a similar set up, Roxy Ballroom in Manchester is the perfect ice-breaker. With a vibrant and party atmosphere, there’s pool, ping pong and mini golf to play. And, if you get peckish mid-game, why not share a pizza or a calorific burger? We promise, it’ll be SO worth it.

Make sure you’re dressed for the evening events – we’re thinking practical but still on-trend. Go for our polka-dot bardot dress and watch eyes turn to you. Accessorize with comfy shoes because, let’s face it, you still want to win all the games, right?

Navy Bardot Dress

Navy Bardot Top Belted Bardot Dress

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