How to survive January

Christmas is over and the new year has started. It’s the beginning of January and you’re still not fully over 2018. Your Christmas tree is still up, presents and wrapping paper are all over the house and not to mention the left over food and mess in the kitchen. Don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat. Here at Mela, we want you to be ready for whatever life throws at you so we have some tips on how to survive the January blues.


2019 Goals

You may feel a mess right now with no idea where to even start but the beauty of January is that it’s the first month of the new year, which means a clean sleeve! If last year there were things you wanted to do but didn’t make the time for them, do it now! Go buy yourself a notepad or create a moodboard and write down your 2019 goals! They don’t have to be completed this year but every day could be a small step towards making your goal a reality. Your goals could be small or big, there could be one or a hundred, it’s all up to you.


Fresh start

Gather round your thoughts and think about things which make you happy! Whatever life throws at you we believe you can overcome it, and you need to believe it too. Leave your problems behind in 2018 and start fresh this year. However small the change, it’s always a change. Clean out your room, get rid of things you don’t need, sell them and make some extra money, we all need some after Christmas! Give stuff away after all, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.


New Year, New Me

Do things for yourself. Maybe start the gym, you know you always think and talk about it but never actually get round to it, so maybe now is the time! Start reading more books or doing things you love. Get yourself some new clothes and feel good about yourself! Start small or big, whatever feels comfortable to you. Every step counts.


Here at Mela, we want you to be happy, if you’re planning a new wardrobe for this new year, we have everything you need to feel stylish and comfortable. Start your year with us!